We are natural.

Our JOAS hotel B&B is a nature hotel in South Tyrol: It is set amidst meadows and forests. With its large windows it brings nature and natural light indoors. Nature is also an important part at mealtimes: Many jams, natural juices, liqueurs and smoked meats come from the organic farm Ranerhof that belongs to Christina’s parents. When we source all other products for the nature hotel in South Tyrol we ensure that they are regional and sustainable.
The building of our JOAS nature hotel in South Tyrol complies with strict climate regulations from the Climate House Agency: high quality organic materials, environmentally sound, free of toxins, healthy. The wood used in building our nature hotel comes from our own forests and was processed locally.
Brightness sensors and energy saving lamps reduce electricity consumption; the heating is fuelled by the Versciaco district heating power plant. We support waste separation and encourage you to leave your car behind and to use trains and buses.

We are individual.

We are traditional.